• Cloud-based Reward Software for Interactive Digital Signage

  • Capture Customer Data In-store. Personalise the Reward Experience.

  • Create a Differentiated In-store Reward Experience that can be taken up in an instant

Why Streetlike Makes Sense

We reduce barriers to entry by creating a reward programme that can be taken up in an instant using SMS and Mobile Web.

Mobile Web

Mobile Web & SMS

For a more seamless experience using SMS & the customer's mobile browser.

Digital Signage

Interactive Digital Signage

Create visually engaging experiences that can be updated instantly across a chain of stores.

Personal Offers


Use personalised and targeted offers to attract and retain loyal customers.



Uncover valuable insights that help you segment & analyse patterns of activity & customer preferences.

Social Referrals

Social Referrals

Encourage customers to invite their friends to the reward programme for additional offers.

Cloud-based Reward Software for Interactive Digital Signage

Streetlike is a cloud-based reward solution for touchscreen digital signage and mobile web for a seamless and more engaging experience, without the hassle of the customer having to download an app, switch on bluetooth or carry a loyalty card. Our platform allows the retailer to create a programme of rewards that encourages purchase, captures customer data and incentivises shoppers to invite their friends on social networks for additional rewards.

Streetlike Creates a Differentiated In-store Reward Experience

For Customers who want an Instant, Non Mobile-App Experience.

How Does it Work?

The retailer creates a programme of rewards using our self-service creation tool for mobile and digital signage display. Once a programme has gone live across a chain of stores, customers can register in-store using touchscreen displays which send an SMS message to their smartphone, providing access to offers via the mobile browser that can be redeemed at checkout.

Customers can share offers with their friends on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social networks for additional promotions. Offers can include vouchers, discounts, downloads, access to exclusive VIP events, competitions and third-party partner offers.

self-service content management platform

Capture Customer Data In-store

There is more to a reward programme than simply looking at basket spends and sales. Streetlike's valuable asset is its ability to capture rich data on every customer that walks through your stores. This allows you to create targeted campaigns and personalised promotions.

As part of the customer registration process, our platform allows the retailer to ask the customer questions via the digital signage display or their smartphone. For example, when a customer is about to redeem their third mobile offer, the retailer can ask a question just before redemption.

capture rich data

How is it Different?

Research has shown that despite the increasing number of mobile apps, over 60% of customers rarely use them when shopping. We saw a need to provide a differentiated experience that is seamless and visually engaging, but doesn't require the customer to download an app or switch on Bluetooth.

As opposed to Beacon reward programs, we don’t believe in bombarding customers with notifications as they pass multiple stores or move within range of hundreds of in-store Beacons. Even if they start to be specific, the retailer will want to maximise ROI on investment, which further down the line will result in customers receiving notifications for lots of offers that are of no interest. This downgrades the overall experience and leads to customer disengagement.

seamless experience

Who is it For?

We provide solutions for the following sectors:

Capture, Retain and Incentivise Customers In-store with Personalised Rewards & Offers.

Our cloud-based platform provides retailers with the tools to create a programme of rewards that go live on digital signage across a chain of stores in an instant. Customers participate in the programme by interacting with touchscreen digital signage which provides access to the reward programme on their smartphone.

Our platform can provide customers with a programme of rewards which allows for personalisation by retailer and also by the customer in terms of choosing a selection of offers that interest them.

Sectors we cover

  • Clothing Chains
  • Supermarket Chains
  • Off-Licence Chains
  • Department Stores
  • DIY/Furniture chains

Make Your Customers Feel Valued and Connected

Our reward platform captivates customers’ in-store using digital signage. This allows you to promote a range of food and drink offers that can be taken up an instant without the customer having to download an app, switch on Bluetooth or carry a loyalty stamp card.

Streetlike provides a return on investment on digital signage and through capturing data in-store, improves the return on marketing spend.

Sectors we cover

  • Coffee Chains
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Pub Chains
  • Bar Chains
  • Petrol Stations

Capture data on your visitors. Encourage spending on products and services beyond ticket purchase.

Streetlike allows you to reward visitors in return for capturing their data. Customers that visit irregularly are less likely to want to download an app. Therefore our platform provides a more seamless experience using SMS and Mobile Web to reward customers in an instant.

The combination of visual engagement using digital signage and a range of enticing offers encourages customers to spend on food and drink beyond their initial ticket purchase. Streetlike provides ROI and reduces marketing spend through in-store data capture.

Sectors we cover

  • Indoor Leisure Chains
  • Outdoor Leisure Chains
  • Theme Parks
  • Stadiums & Arenas

Encourage customers to spend more with in-store offers.

Streetlike allows gaming companies to advertise offers using digital signage that can be taken up using customers’ smartphones. As Streetlike uses mobile web, this bypasses issues normally associated with approving apps and provides a more seamless approach to accessing offers through use of mobile voucher redemption.

Sectors we cover

  • Casino Chains
  • Betting Chains
  • Bingo Chains
  • In-store Lottery Kiosks

Capture customers on their travels.

Streetlike provides the travel industry with a complete solution for capturing, analysing and rewarding visitors at airports, railway stations and car parks. Our solution allows retail partners to participate in a collective programme that engages customers using digital signage and allows offers to be taken up in an instant using their smartphone.

Sectors we cover

  • Airports
  • Railway Stations
  • Car Park Chains

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Meet the Founders

Streetlike began with the mission to make retention programs more rewarding, both for customers and retailers.
Our cloud-based offering gives retailers a better way to attract and retain loyal customers.

Lukas Mayr

Lead designer with experience in most things visual. He loves trying out new techniques and finding the perfect solution for any kind of requirements.

Daniel Levy

Chief Executive Officer.Leader and strategist with experience in building and managing development of customer retention, CRM, and Social Media solutions

Spencer Shaw

Chief Technical Officer. Managing the technical development of Streetlike's cloud-based platform. Previous experiences includes Dev Ops and information security.

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